Melissa serves as Senior Director for Artistry Restaurants. 

Melissa is a dynamic entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the world of online retail. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Huntingdon College, Melissa ventured into online retail. With a keen eye for trends and recognizing the growing demand for personalized products, she established a series of online retail businesses that specialize in offering unique and customizable items. With a strong understanding of e-commerce, marketing strategies, and customer preferences, Melissa has successfully navigated the ever-evolving digital landscape. Her businesses have thrived through effective branding, targeted marketing campaigns, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. 

Melissa’s dedication to her family is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. She cherishes the time spent with her husband, Justin, and their three children. Striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance, she is a role model for juggling the demands of entrepreneurship while nurturing a fulfilling family life. 

In her downtime, she loves a good book, southern food & Auburn football! Melissa’s love for southern hospitality and college football runs deep, reflecting her genuine warmth, kindness, and appreciation for the traditions that define the South. She genuinely desires to make others feel welcome and she embodies the spirit of hospitality in every aspect of her life. She understands the power of a warm smile, a heartfelt conversation, and making people feel like they belong. 

She remains committed to pursuing new opportunities, empowering others, and leaving a lasting legacy. With her dedication, creativity, and resilience, Melissa continues to make strides as a prominent figure in the business world.